Spencer Greene


Brown University

Sc.B., Computer Science


Operating Systems with Lab, Distributed Systems, Programming Languages, Software Security & Exploitation, Computer Vision, Deep Learning.


Built a small operating system based on Unix. Implemented processes and threads; devices drivers for terminals, disks, and memory devices; a S5 file system; and virtual memory.

Brown CS Capstone project in a team of three people. Researched and made a bot in Deep Learning (CS 1470) to play Minecraft, which is interesting because of the sparse rewards problem (the pay offs from actions come after a really long time) and the hierarchy task planning strategy.

Work Experience

Software Engineer, Google

June 2020-Present
San Francisco Bay Area

Core Developer Server Org: Libraries, tools, and infrastructure for building secure, production-ready server and client applications within Google.

Software Engineer Intern, Google

June 2019-August 2019
San Francisco Bay Area

Core Developer Server Org.

Teaching Assistant, Brown University

January 2019-December 2019
Providence, RI

Software Engineering (CSCI0320) and Artificial Intelligence (CSCI1410): Helped craft assigments, held office hours, and graded homework.


Programming Languages: Go, Java, Python, JavaScript, C, Lisp (mainly Racket), and more.